Videos – Principle 1 – Coming Clean

Safe Place

Two Twins

Toolbox – Principle 1 – Coming Clean

Evolution of the Ultimate Narco Mindset

The Hungry Years

Videos – Principle 2 – Vision

Vision for your Business

Vision for our Children

Vision for Great Leaders

Vision in the Cartel

Videos – Principle 3 – Integrity

Meaning of Integrity

Created in God's Image

Make Up of Integrity
Are there true leaders anymore
Integrity - Imposed Fear

Videos – Principle 4 – Faithfulness

Created in God's Image

Being Faithful
Lessons from Rooster

Who loves does not leave

Videos – Principle 5 – Pride

Good vs Bad Pride

Because of Pride the Medellin Cartel fell

Great leaders are humble
Why are we so Angry

Videos – Principle 7 – Greed

We must appreciate what we have
Value those things which do not cost anything